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      Zhuoxin Cleaning Services

      About us

      As a subordinate of S&S Holding Limited, Cheuk Sun Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a professional cleaning company with foreign investment. With a long history of 30 years, S&S is one of the largest cleaning industry in Hong Kong. As the company has expanded its business to the mainland, it continues to fulfill its committment to offering best cleaning services and meeting expectations of clients.

      Established in 1985, Hongkong S&S Cleaning Service Co., Ltd offers professional management, caring & maintenance and cleaning services. With over 8500 employees, 8 mobile cleaning fleets, several garbage collection vehicles and cleaning equipment worth more than RMB 1 million, the Company is a leading player in the industry providing services to more than 140 clients.

      Principle of Cheuk Sun Service (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.: Client and quality first; honesty and practicality; never-changing excellence. With a mission to “build a premium brand for Chinese cleaning industry” as well as advanced management, scientific operation mode, specialized technology, high-quality imported agent, professional equipment &service team and cleaning management mode, our company is committed to creating a clean, healthy and comfortable environment for your home and office and helping you improve the image of your business.